The child craft trio 3 passenger stroller is one of the most popular multi-child strollers on the market, and it features canopies for sun protection, easy to clean fabric, and extra large storage baskets. All seats have an adjustable 5 point harness and recline to accommodate infants. Each seat will accommodate children up to 40 pounds. Rubberized, shock absorbing foam wheels provide a comfortable ride. Stroller features in-line stadium design to maximize child visibility, to enable interaction with their environment and to ease maneuverability. Stroller features safe break system which engages when stroller handle is released. Stroller folds for convenient storage and transport. 1 year warranty.
We found the two-handed, two-step fold of the Yoyo+ to be the most complicated of the models we tested. You press the buttons on both sides near the joints at the bottom of the handlebar. The handlebar flexes back, and then you reach underneath the back of the seat to push a button and pull the red lever to collapse the seat. Oftentimes, I would have to fiddle with the wheels to get the Yoyo+ fully collapsed. I would also squish my fingers during the final step of the fold because I would instinctively place them in between the frame. (This is apparently a common enough occurrence that the manual tells you how to prevent it, but it takes practice to develop the muscle memory.) There is no way to do the fold with one hand while holding a child. The flip side of this complex fold is that the Yoyo+ is the only stroller that can be unfolded with one hand, but you have to give it a good snap of the wrist to ensure that it fully unfurls. Sometimes, the seat can get stuck, or the wheels get in the way, and you have to pry the stroller apart from the latch or orient the wheels to get it upright.